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en-Ripe Mango Ripener for 10Kgs


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Product Description

En-ripe is a Mixture of Ingredients That Are Non-Toxic, Edible and Biologically Safe in a Sachet. When the en-ripe Sachet Exposed to Atmosphere Releases Ethylene in a Controlled Manner That Naturally Ripens Fruits.

En-rape’s Ripening Mixture is Perfectly Legal, Easy to use, Flexible to Apply and Affordable Pricing. It has No Harmful, Toxic, and Illegal Substances like Calcium Carbide, Ethephone or Acetylene Gas Producers.

En-rape’s Ripening Mixture is 100% Safe to use by Traders & Farmers, and Absolutely Toxin-Free for the People’s Daily Consumption

En-ripe Mixture is approved by FSSAI, Tested and Certified by ICAR-Bangalore, IICT- Hyderabad

Recognized and Promoted by Govt.Of Telangana

Product Information

Benefits of ripening with en-ripe

Affordable     :  All it needs is a Plastic Crate and Small Storage Area

Flexible          :  Can be used anytime, anywhere, by anyone without any Temperature and Atmospheric                               Constraints

Less Waste   : Eliminates Farm – Chambers – Farm Logistics and Minimizes Damaging of fruits

Freedom      : Can be Self Ripened by Anyone, can meet any Demand for Ripened Fruits

Better            : Ripped With Enripe Fruits are better in aroma, Taste, Color, and Lasts Long

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