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Aries Agromin Max 1 Kg


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Product Description

 Agromin Max increases the crop yield by correcting micro nutrient deficiencies and ensuring better nutrient balance. It is a spray Dried, Super fine, free flowing, 100% instantly water soluble powder, which provides booster doses of High Performance, partially Chelated micro nutrients.
Content - Zn . 6++%,Fe . 4++%,Mn . 3+%,B . 2+%,Cu . 1+%,Mo . 0.05++%
Dosage - 2-3 gm/liter of water

Product Information

  • Superfine, highly concentrated, instantly soluble spray dried powder .
  • Contains Magnesium to enhance results of the product
  • This is a Multi Micronutrients Fertilizer
  • Company Name:  Aries Agros ltd