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Phoskill 500ml

 190.00  200.00

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Product Description

  • Highly effective solution for management of vaious sucking and chewing pests in Agricuture
  • Phoskill quick knock down control at very affordable cost of treatment per acre. 

Product Information

Black GramPod borer
CitrusBlack aphid Mites
CoffeeGreen bug
CottonAphids Bollworms Jassids Thrips Whitefly Grey weevil
Green GramPod borer
MaizeShoot fly
MangoBug mite Gall maker Hopper Mealy bug Shoot borer
PaddyBPH GLH Leaf roller Yellow stem borer
PeasLeaf miner
Red GramPlume moth Pod borer Pod fly
SugarcaneMealy bug Scale insect Shoot borer Stalk borer